The President

The President,
Prof. Lendzemo Constantine Yuka
West African Linguistic Society (WALS)
Department of Linguistics and African Languages
University of Benin
P.M.B 1154, Benin City
West African Linguistic Society

Lendzemo Constantine Yuka is a Professor of Linguistics in the University of Benin, Nigeria. He specializes in Southern Bantoid languages and has worked extensively on Lamnso’ spoken in the greater part of Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon and in Sarduana Local Government Area of Taraba State, Nigeria. Yuka, who is widely published is a strong advocate of the use of indigenous African languages in education. He is the President of the West African Linguistic Society (WALS); the current Editor-in-Chief of the highly reputed Nigerian Journal of the Humanities (NJH), Cambridge Scholars Publishing and Editor-in-Chief of the Coaxial Journal of Linguistics Studies (JoLS). He is the current Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Benin.

Past Presidents of WALS

Professor Joseph H. Greenberg    1965-1970

Professor Maurice Houis              1970-1976

Professor Ayo Bamgboṣe             1976-1982

Professor Marcel Bit Ba Njock    1982-1990

Professor Gibert Ansre                1990-2004

Professor Ben Ohi Elugbe             2004-2013

Professor Firmin Ahoua               2013-2012

Professor Lendzemo C. Yuka      2021- Date


The Secretary-Treasurer,
Dr. Silué N. Jibril

The Secretary-Treasurer, under the authority of the President, implements the policies of the Council, conducts the correspondences, prepares the documents, and sees to the proper administration of the financial and other resources of the Society and to the discharging of its financial obligations.

Past Secretary-Treasurers of WALS

Dr. (later Prof) Ayo Bamgboṣe    1965-1972

Dr. (later Prof) Lawrence Boadi  1972-1980

Dr. E. Nee Mensah                      1980-2000

Dr. Nobert Nikièma                     2000-2004

Prof Firmin Ahoua                       2004-2013

Prof Lendzemo C. Yuka             2013-2021

Dr. Djibril Silué                            2021-Date