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Featuring a beautiful grey/blue kitten resting next to his owner in the sun, this picture would suit any business or brand working with our feline friends. The image offers a small space for lower third text elements and works well in blogs or articles. Laughing Woman is a versatile mid-action shot of a woman laughing at something off-camera. The white costume and background with soft lighting perfectly frame the young woman without being overexposed or undersaturated. Unsplash is a popular Stock Image library that allows photographers to upload their work and users to download it for their projects. With Unsplash, you don’t have to pay for either an account or for the individual images.

creative stock photography

The market for high-quality, licensable photos has grown tremendously in recent years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Because microstock isn’t as exclusive, microstock photographers can sell the same images over and over again. In other words, the payments are lower, but they can add up over time. Non-exclusive, royalty-free stock photos are popular among buyers because they’re quick and affordable.

The Ultimate Guide to Photo Sharpness in Stock Photography

When you shoot best free photo stocks for designers images, the first thing you should consider is niche situations that set you apart from any other photographer. These are the hardest to compete with, and your image has a higher opportunity to be featured and will be sought more frequently if it’s niche. Here are our tips on making creative stock photography images you can be proud of, while still selling to customers searching for the perfect image to tell their story. In the past few years, we’ve experienced a wave of stock photography trends, from zine-inspired collage to the return of the double exposure. Trends come and go, so the best way to keep track is by following the 500px blog. Every month, Karen Biilmann, Senior Art Director at 500px, releases a “What’s trending in Licensing?

A modern and trendy design, this image works perfectly as a background for text messages. Another trend for the health and wellbeing industries is performers meditating in a Lotus Position, and this image doesn’t disappoint. Seated in a hanging egg chair with natural color combinations, this image perfectly mixes health and business. Well suited for any modern business, this image features 2 young businesspeople walking up a circular staircase. The bright colors and spiral pattern make this eye-catching image the ideal choice for flyers, posters, and brochures. This adorable image features an embarrassed dog lying in a bed covering his eyes.

Get inspired by these Adobe Stock contributors

By always having a camera handy, you never miss an opportunity to shoot. If you are traveling to a unique destination, it’s a perfect opportunity to capture niche images that no one else may be able to experience. Your lens provides you with an opportunity to earn money anywhere you are in the world, so don’t let it pass you by.

creative stock photography

Gone is the typical image of a family staring straight at the camera in a perfect house in a perfect neighborhood. The potential to earn passive income might be the primary draw of stock photography, but it’s also a great way to enter the business and get a feel for how the industry works. Diversity in stock photography is something we want our contributors to keep top-of-mind in any shoot they create for Shutterstock. Diversity in ages, genders, abilities, body sizes, lifestyles, cultures, and locations is key to creating sellable stock images. We want to see humanity represented in its true form, globally, in the images and videos that we accept on our network.

You can certainly earn money from stock photography—a few years ago, 500px founder Evgeny Tchebotarev made $1,602.50 in just a few weeks—but it usually doesn’t happen overnight. You can use your kitchen counter for food shoots or your living room for a lifestyle session. Enlist friends and family to be your models, or trade time for prints with local businesses in exchange for a signed property release.

creative stock photography

As for colors, yellow is “in vogue,” and warmly lit interiors are too. You can rent any accessories you need, or try a DIY solution for professional-looking lighting. Props and clothing can be found at second-hand stores and in models’ personal collections. A digital asset management tool like Adobe Lightroom can also be a game-changer when editing and organizing hundreds of photos for submission. Get inspired before your next animal photography shoot with images from these Offset Artists.

In fact, you don’t even need to credit the photographer, a part of which has made Unsplash as popular as it is. Get a rundown on the best stock photo websites, as well as stock photo trends for 2021, with tips on using them effectively. Once your photos are accepted for Licensing, they’ll become available to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers; Getty Images alone has more than a million customers.

  • When you stage a product stock photography shoot, think like the customer who is going to purchase that image.
  • For image-buyers, stock photography offers a fast, convenient, and high-quality alternative to a commissioned photoshoot.
  • Produce shoots that embody your personal style, your passions, and showcase your unique perspective of a global world.
  • As we’ve seen, there’s recently been a huge demand for lifestyle images related to the global pandemic, including pictures of handwashing, wellness, and self-care.
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