Journal of West African Languages (JWAL)


The Journal of West African Languages (JWAL)  is the flagship journal of WALS. The first JWAL Number  appeared in 1964. Prof. Adams Bodomo has been the Editor of JWAL sine August 2015. Journal of West African Languages – Home.

Prof. Adams Bodomo

Editor of the Journal of West African Languages (JWAL)

Bdomo is also the current President of International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures (FILLM) which is an international academic organisation for scholarship in the field of languages and literatures. FILLM was founded in Oslo in 1928 as the Commission Internationale d’Histoire Littéraire Moderne. WALS is a member of FILLM.

The purpose of the Journal of West African Languages is to publish articles of good quality and interest in all aspects of language, linguistics and literature that are relevant to t West Africa, which may be defined as Sub-Saharan Africa, extending into Central Africa. JWAL was founded in 1964 by the West African Linguistic Society, and has been in publication ever since, with gaps in 1972-73 and 1977-81.  The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) of JWAL is: 0022-5401.

The Editorial Board of JWAL comprises: Prof Dr Adams Bodomo (Editor), Dr Hasiyatu Abubakari (Assistant Editor), Dr. Isabella Jordanoska (Assistant Editor), Dr Samuel Alhassan Issah (Assistant Editor), Prof Akin Akinlabi (Editoral Advisor), Prof Flavien Gbeto (Editorial Advisor), Dr. Keir Hansford (Consulting Editor), Prof. Annie Rialland, and Prof Dr H Ekkehard Wolff.

The Council of the West African Linguistic Society is proud of the quality of endeavour and sacrifice that Prof. Adams Bodomo and his team have brought to JWAL. The status of JWAL as a Free Access Journal has garnered endorsements from a multiplicity of Indexing Houses and its readership has globally expanded. JWAL remaines the reference point for language and literature debates in West Africa, Africa and beyond.

Past Editors of JWAL

Robert G. Armstrong,

Carl Hoffman, and John Spencer        1.1 of 1964 to 3.2 of 1966

Robert G. Armstrong,

Carl Hoffman, John Spencer,

and Maurice Houis                             4.1 of 1967 to 8.2 of 1971

No issues 1972 to 1973

Carl Hoffman                                      9.1 of 1974

Carl Hoffman and Ben Elugbe            9.2 of 1974

Ben Elugbe                                          10.1. of 1975  to 11.1-2 of 1976

No issues 1977 to 1981

John Bendor-Samuel                           12.1 of 1982 to 22.2 of 1992

Robert Hedinger                                 23.1 of 1993 to 26.2 of 1996/97

Keir L. Hansford                                  27.1 of 1998/99 to 41.2 of 2014 all printed copies

42.1 of 2015  On line

Adams Bodomo                                  42.2 of 2015 on line to the present                                                               issue which is 49.2